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Welcome to Black Cat Creations...

To purchase our patterns use the Products tab.  Wholesale customer?--Contact us directly.

Home of "StringAlongs" foundation papers, easy to sew, easy to tear papers for free-form string piecing your scraps into stunning quilt designs See our patterns Half 'n' Half, Petalicious, Memory Lane, StarFlight, Cabin Fever, Thunderbirds, and Cheerios!

Try our acrylic, rotary-cutter-friendly templates like Blooming Template, Baby Blooming Template, and the small Petal and Leaf Templates.  They are all versions of orange peel shapes and have center line markings going from side to side and end to end.  The Blooming Template is unique in that it also has some numerical registration markings along the edges that help you create more interesting shapes and sizes of petals and leaves.  They are available where our patterns are sold.  Some of the patterns that use them are:  Snapshot, Di-Vine, Zu Zu's Petals, Petalicious, Hill and Dale, and Southern Comfort.   More coming!

Our patterns come with easy-to-follow instructions, in varying degrees of difficulty.  Also, most of our embroidery quilt patterns are available in both hand and machine versions.  Have you tried coloring on fabric?  Check out our crayon quilt patterns. We have instructions for coloring on fabric here on our website! 

For Featherweight users, we have our foot pedal assistant, Flapperjack, which lets you use your whole foot instead of just your big toe when sewing with your Featherweight or Singer 401A machines!   Also, we have some little doilies to put on your thread spindle under your spools --so cute!  Contact us directly for orders for the Flapperjack ($18 + S/H) and the doilies (2 for $6 + S/H).  For a limited time we have a pattern and kit for a Flapperjack bag, foot pedal bag and table protector using vintage sewing machine fabric.  Contact us directly for orders ($20 + S/H).

We're committed to exceptional customer service and continually strive to provide prompt, friendly assistance.

Two of our designers also speak at guilds and teach workshops:  Minay Sirois and Lynn Roddy Brown.  Contact us if you would like to have one of them come to your area.