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Sew-Clear Place 'n' Press

Fused Applique commonly uses a pressing sheet to protect your iron and pressing surface from glue. This translucent pressing sheet is ideal for this type of applique because it lets you see your placement guide clearly and position your pieces for each unit quickly and accurately.

Pressing Cloth: If you have delicate fabrics that you want to press without touching with the iron, place the pressing sheet between the fabric and the iron and iron as directed for the type fabric.  Great for setting collage designs!

Photo Transfer, Hot Glue, Paints, Fimo-type Clay, Heat Transfer Vinyl — Always remember to let the sheet cool or let the item dry (paint) or cool (clay, glue) before removing from the sheet.

 Use with our patterns:  Blooming Wonderful, Di-Vine, Snapshot, Fire Fall, Petalicious, Zu Zu's Petals, Hill & Dale, Flutters 'n' Blooms.